Gilliam Dance Project offers a supportive place where people can learn to dance, meet new people, grow personally, and exhibit artistic freedom.  We offer a varied dance program for all levels of interest and abilities, with opportunities to expand into competitive dancing. GDP welcomes a diversity of people, maintaining a welcoming environment.  We believe all students deserve dedicated and passionate dance education designed to discover, nurture, and enhance their individual dance artistry.

Dates to REMEMBER!​​​​


Recital Costume Fee Due: November 15, 2021

Studio Closed: Wednesday, November 24th - Saturday, November, 27th

SAVE THE DATE - Our recital is Saturday, June 11th, 2022!

What are they saying about GDP?

"My daughter has been dancing for going on 10 years and absolutely loves Miss Kara.  Not only, has she helped my daughter gain technique and skills, she also taught her confidence.  Miss Kara has choreographed amazing routines, that are age-appropriate, energetic, award-winning and, and filled with technique.  My daughter and I agree we will follow her wherever she goes because there is no one more passionate or better suited to instruct." - A. Coleman

"My daughter suffers from anxiety and can be very awkward in social settings. Dance has given her confidence and I’m amazed every time I see her on stage. If it hadn’t been for Miss Kara I don’t think my daughter would be dancing after 11 years! Not only does Miss Kara want the girls to be great dancers she also wants them to be great at life. She makes sure they are doing their schoolwork and are respectful to others. Miss Kara is more than a dance teacher, she is a mentor, counselor, friend and family."  - S. Macklin