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GDP Company


The GDP Company is comprised of multiple dance teams and soloists that represent the studio at regional and national dance competitions. It’s a great opportunity for our dedicated dancers to perform on-stage, sharing their love and passion for dance while also competing.  Through competitive dance, our dancers learn and demonstrate good sportsmanship, grasp the true meaning of teamwork, and grow individually. GDP Company is audition-only and for dancers serious about making the season commitment.  We offer competitive opportunity for all ages starting at 5 years, genres, and talent levels.  


Auditions for next year's 2024-2025 GDP company will be held at the studio on Saturday, June 15th, 2024.  Auditions are open to any dancer currently enrolled at GDP (or planning to be enrolled at GDP). Dancers who are not currently enrolled must be registered for summer classes. Current GDP families need to register via the parent portal by searching for events.  The parent portal will also be used by new families and dancers after registering for summer classes.

Company Frequently Asked Questions

Below is just a subset of questions you may have. If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to us.  We also encourage you to reach out to other company parents for additional questions.  

1. Is it ok if my dancer has never competed before? Absolutely.  We care most about your dancer's commitment to competing.  The competitions we attend have 3 levels: Novice - for newer dancers with little to no experience competing, Intermediate - for "on-the-rise" dancers and Advanced  - for those competing at an advanced technical level.  If you want to compete and have never competed - there is a place for you!

2. What should we expect on audition day?  We like for dancers to be as relaxed as possible so auditions are more like a class with observers!  Dancers will warm up, work on technique, complete across the floor combinations and then learn a combination. How a dancer performs throughout the "class" will be taken into consideration.

3. Are there set teams for me to select from?    Just the basic lyrical, jazz and/or hip hop!  Each year GDP determines the teams/dances we would like to compete based on the dancers that audition. This allows us to pull on the strengths of the dancers rather than try to conform to a pre-set team.  The teams/dances (to which company members will be invited to perform) will not be formed until dancers audition.

4. How are the teams/dances formed?  At registration, dancers will be asked if they're interested in doing only a solo, duet/trio, team or a combination.  If a dancer indicates they are interested in a team, GDP staff will pair them with dancers of similar dance experience for their audition. GDP staff will evaluate dancers in a variety of group pairings to ascertain which teams/dances we'd liked to move forward with for the competitive season.  It's possible that a dancer is invited to a team/dance that's not the style the indicated on the registration form.  We encourage all dancers to remain open to all possibilities as they could find enjoyment in new things!

5.  How will I know if I my dancer made it?    We'll notify you via email.  For those that indicated a desire to be on a team, we'll also share our team proposals/invitations at that time.  Each dancer/family will need to accept or reject their company invitation and the proposed teams/dances. Each dancer does not have to accept all teams/dances to which they're invited to join. Those not selected to be a member of the company will also be notified along with a plan to close any gaps in preparation for next year's season.

6.  What costs can I expect with competing?   Choreography costs - These are costs associated with the time to learn each dance. They are included in the monthly tuition.  Please contact us for current choreography fees.  Company Gear - Company members are required to purchase a company jacket ($125-$150) at a minimum. Costume Costs - We attempt to keep costume costs as low as possible. Costs are dependent on the number of dances.  Costumes typically range from $60 to $80 per costume. Competition Costs - Competition costs can vary. Solo costs range from $115-$140 per competition. Group costs are dependent on the number of dancers per dance:  Duets/Trios can range from $50-$75 per dancer, per dance while small groups range from $40-$60 per dancer, per dance. We attend 5 regionals and a nationals each year.  We typically do all we can to spread costs throughout the year.

7.  How am I able to pay?    Some families rely on fundraising to raise money for competition costs.  Parents of GDP members develop fundraising plans by month and proceeds from the fundraisers are applied to competition balances.  Parents can also choose to not participate in fundraisers and pay for costs directly.  A payment plan is also available for families that would prefer a set amount withdrawn monthly to pay for competition. 

8.  How far away are competitions and is overnight stay required?    Most of the competitions we attend are within 2 hours driving distance from the studio.  The time spent at a competition depends on the number of dances a dancer competes in.  The more dances - spanning from solos to groups - may result in more than one day at the competition. Overnight stay isn't required, though depending on competition times, you may find it convenient to do so.

* Nationals for the 2024-2025 session will be in Myrtle Beach, SC.  It's expected all dancers attend Nationals which usually last the duration of 4-5 days.  Please factor this into your decision to register.

9.  When is the competition season?    Most of the competitions we attend are held in the late winter/spring from January to May, however we start choreography late summer.  The dance competition season essentially lasts most of the year!  Nationals is usually in the summer. All competitions are over the weekends.

* Nationals for the 2024-2025 session will be in Myrtle Beach, SC.  It's expected all dancers attend Nationals which usually last the duration of 4-5 days.  Please factor this into your decision to register.

10.  Are there extra classes my dancer needs to take?    All members of dance company competing are required to take the class of the style in which they compete.  All those competing in jazz and/or lyrical also need to take a ballet class.  

11.  When does the company practice?    GDP Company rehearses on Sunday afternoon into the evening. 

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