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Competition Team


The GDP Company is comprised of multiple dance teams and soloists that represent the studio at regional and national dance competitions.  It’s a great opportunity for our dedicated dancers to perform on-stage, sharing their love and passion for dance while also competing.  Through competitive dance, our dancers learn and demonstrate good sportsmanship, grasp the true meaning of teamwork, and grow individually. GDP Company is audition-only and for dancers serious about making the season commitment.  We offer competitive opportunity for all ages starting at 5 years, genres, and talent levels.  


Auditions for next year's 2023-2024 GDP company will be held at the studio on Saturday, June 17th starting at10:00am.  Auditions are open to any dancer enrolled (or planning to be enrolled) at GDP and are at least 5 years old.  For those that are enrolled at GDP, please register via your parent portal by searching for events. 

For dancers not currently enrolled at GDP use the link below to register for auditions. Only use this link if you are NOT currently enrolled at GDP.  In the calendar, click on the appropriate GDP Audition event (on June 17th) and register.

2021-2022 GDP Dance Company Registration (not currently enrolled at GDP)

10:00am - 11:30am - Minis & Petite (ages 5-8 years old) - Lyrical, Jazz & Tap

11:30am -12:15pm- Petite (ages 5-8 years old) - Hip Hop

12:30pm - 2:00pm - Junior (ages 9-12 years old) - Lyrical, Jazz & Tap
2:00pm - 2:45pm - Junior (ages 9-12
 years old) - Hip Hop
3:00pm - 4:30pm - Teen & Sr. (ages 15-19 years old) - Lyrical, Jazz & Tap

4:30pm - 5:15pm - Teen & Sr. (ages 9-12 years old) - Hip Hop

GDP Dance Company Frequently Asked Questions:

How many competitions will the company attend and where are they?

The 20223-2024 Dance Company will attend 5 regional dance competitions next year as well as an out-of-state Nationals.  Our regional competitions are always within 2 hours of Smyrna, DE, allowing for same-day travel. Our Nationals will require planned group travel reachable by car.


How much do competitions cost?

The cost of competing depends on how many dances your dancer is in.  Most group dances range from $55-$70 per dancer, duets/trios range from $60-$80 per dancer and solos range from $100-$140 per dancer. All estimated prices are subject to fluctuate (depending on the competition) and are per dance, per competition.  


Costumes are typically $70-$100 per costume, per dance.  This may also vary depending on the type of costume needed and if additional shoes are required.


Dancers are required to purchase to jacket as part of company gear.  Jackets are $125.


Choreography fees will be a monthly charge of $10 per group dance combined with monthly tuition.  All solos, duets & trios will pay a fee per session.  

Dancers are also required to participate in at least one convention each season.  Those fees range from $100 - $150 per event.


These fees will need to be considered when accepting dance offers.


What are my options for payment?

The Dance Company routinely fundraises to cover competition expenses.  Payment plans are offered.


Will my dancer need to take additional classes?

Your dancer will need to be enrolled in the subject for which they are competing, at a minimum.  If additional classes are required to help build technique, they will be suggested.  Company members will also be required to attend workshops throughout the season.

When does Company rehearse?

All 2023-2024 company group dances will rehearse on Sunday late afternoon and evening.  Solos, duets & trios will be scheduled based on the availability of choreographer.


How does the Company acceptance process work?

Teachers will discuss all dancers who audition and assess how they pair and match with others.  In the event your dancer is offered a spot in the Dance Company, you will receive an email with the proposed dances we’d like your dancer to be a part of for the season.  At that time, you should discuss what your dancer would like to participate, assess the estimated cost associated with those dances and accept those that fit your budget and desire.  In the event your dancer needs additional time before becoming a member of the Dance Company, a plan to prepare your dancer for the following season will be shared as well.

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